Personal Info


Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Engineering, 2004-2008

Major: Computer Science and Technology.


Full-time Working Experience

Merico, Principal of Merico Chengdu Branch, DevStream PMC Chair, Senior DevOps Expert, 2022.01-now, WFH

Designed and implemented an open-source DevOps toolchain manager from scratch.

Created and maintained the open-source community from the ground up.

Donated the project successfully to CNCF.

Leading a team of 5.

Huawei Technologies, Software Expert, Architect, 2021.07-2021.12, China

As the only Software Expert in security department (297 people), I lead software refactor and performance tuning in the Cloud BU.

Coached the whole department about algorithms, software engineering, DevOps/DevSecOps, agile methodologies and so on.

Amazon Web Services, Senior DevOps Consultant, 2020.12-2021.06, Germany

Lead many multi-million DevOps/Cloud projects for global financial corporations to architect and implement cloud/hybrid solu%ons with top level of performance, resilience, and security.

Lead conversa%ons, demos, and presen%ng to customers’ C-level executives.

Coached different teams and AWS customers about DevOps culture and best practices.

Allianz Technology, Senior SRE, 2019.07-2020.11, Germany

Implemented the whole infrastructure for Allianz Direct from scratch, serving millions of users in 4 countries in the EU.

Lead the Container Runtime Platform 2.0 project (team of 15), participated in all architectural decisions and contributed 90% of the code. This project served hundreds of Allianz global branches and teams.

KI labs GmbH, Senior Cloud Architect, Lead of the Engineering Committee(CTO), 2018.04-2019.07, Germany

Created and grew the cloud engineering team from scratch.

Grew the team from 30 to 80 in 15 months, interviewed 200+ candidates.

Founded and lead the engineering committee (acting as a CTO office); defined the career path in our company; hired a CTO to replace me later so that I could concentrate on Cloud Architecting.

Evangelized DevOps culture both internally to our in-house frontend/backend/data scientist teams and externally to our global customers.

Leading conversations, demos, and presenting to customers' C-level executives.

Worked in parallel for multiple projects, architected and implemented the infrastructure from scratch with 100% infrastructure as code, configuration management, and continuous deployment. Some customers: Mercedes, AMG, Lanxess, Apobank.

MYJAR, Senior SRE, 2017–2018, Estonia

Migrated on-premises VM-based infrastructure entirely to AWS; saved more than 50% cost and deployment velocity increased 50%.

Refactored the monolith into a microservices architecture to solve performance bottlenecks and enabled more frequent deployments.

Rewrote CI/CD pipelines with configuration management to eliminate errors and duplicated code.

Kühne + Nagel, Senior DevOps Engineer, EDI Specialist, 2016–2017, Estonia

Transformed the DevOps team from waterfall to Agile.

Coached three teams globally to do test-driven development.

Introduced configuration management automation in multiple environments to three teams globally to reduce deployment time by 90% with no errors or inconsistency.

Setup CI/CD from scratch.

Created an in-house monitoring tool from scratch.

App Annie, Principal Software Engineer, 2015-2016, China

Onboarded and mentored new junior engineering members.

Improved agile processes and sprint successful rate.

Developed both the frontend and the backend of our app intelligence system with test automation, impacting millions of users and making the product No.1 in the market.

Oracle, Senior Member of Technical Staff, 2013–2015, China

Grew the team; interviewed, hired, and coached four junior members.

Collaborated with three teams globally to design, develop and test our toolchain for CI to achieve 100% automation.

Baidu Inc, Software Engineer, 2010–2013, China

Joined as the 3rd member in the architecture team, grew with the team together to 50+ people.

Built a multi-datacenter infrastructure with 30+ high-performing, highly-available shared services with load balancing and automatic disaster recovery, which served all the vertical product teams inside Baidu at a rate of more than 10 billion requests per day.

SINOSURE, Software Engineer, Product Owner, 2008–2010, China

Developed and maintained the online import/export insurance platform which served more than 2k internal employees and made import from/export to high-risk global regions possible for all Chinese international trading companies.

Designed and implemented the digital signature system for online insurance policies from scratch.

Designed a new online insurance sales platform from scratch.


GitGuardian, Guest Expert Writer on Security, 2021.05-now

Technical articles writing on DevOps, DevSecOps, agile, SDLC, and software engineering in general.

MSER LLC, Chief Technology Officer, 2016-now

Remotely cofounded MSER LLC, a blockchain trading platform for the southeast Asia market.

Built the engineering team from scratch. Currently 30+ members.

SEI Robotics, Technical Advisor, 2020

Remote part-time advisory board member.

Trained multiple engineering teams of 30+ people with DevOps culture and latest technologies.


Recent Personal Projects


Writing tech blogs on DevOps and Cloud. See my articles here.

Hiking, cycling, photography, grand tours, craft beer, performance cars.